11 Game-Changing Tips For Dominating Pickleball Singles Strategy

11 Game-Changing Tips For Dominating Pickleball Singles Strategy

The sun is shining, the court is laid out before you, and your opponent stands ready. Do you have any tricks up your sleeve? Don't worry, we've got you covered!

From serving tactics that'll leave your opponent guessing, to court positioning that grants you the upper hand, these eleven tips are going to be your secret weapon to excel in pickleball singles strategy. 

It's time to take your skills to new heights and leave your opponents amazed at your mastery of the game!

1. Serve With A Punch

Your serve isn't just a start, it's a statement. In fact, it's the initial chapter in the official USA Pickleball singles strategy playbook.

First, it is important to serve deep. And what we mean by that is to deliver a powerful serve that compels your opponent to retreat past the baseline. This guarantees a tough return and opens up the chance to set up a more manageable third shot for yourself.

Another trick up your sleeve could be the drop serve – you drop the ball from any height (no jumping or throwing), allowing it to bounce before you serve. 

Keep in mind, you've got just one shot to make it count.

Your serve is your introduction – a strong, distinctive declaration that you're stepping onto the court to make your mark and dominate it!

2. Find The Sweet Spot Near The Middle

Ever considered starting your serve from near the centerline? Well, this clever move gives you a clear shot at handling most returns with ease. 

Think outside the box and position yourself smartly

You get to cover a lot more of the court from being positioned in the center. This means you can quickly respond to shots played to either side, minimizing your opponent's chances of hitting winners past you.

You're equally close to all corners, so those tricky diagonal shots? Not so tricky anymore. You're right there to handle them like a pro.

3. Aim For The Back Corners

In doubles, the court is wider, and opponents can cover more ground. However, in singles, it's a different ball game. 

Aiming for the back corners is even more effective since your opponent has more distance to cover all by themselves. 

When you send the ball to the back corners, you're giving your opponent a ticket for a long journey. It forces them to rush to the farthest point of the court, leaving less time to react to your shot. 

You are playing some mind games while at it. By consistently targeting the corners, you're planting doubt in your opponent's mind!

4. Hang Back In Your Comfort Zone

Your comfort zone is your command center for executing tactics. That's right, this zone is where you effortlessly transition between offensive and defensive strategies.

When you settle into it, your movements become agile and confident. Where you position yourself in the court to find the most comfortable spot is all up to you.

For example, by staying closer to the back third of the court, you're primed for a strong defensive stance. You have a clearer view of the court and can anticipate your opponent's shots more effectively. 

5. Play The Backhand Card

Identify your opponent's weaker side – the backhand. Most players are less confident with their backhand shots, making it an ideal target to exploit. 

Direct your shots to their backhand corner to force errors and take control of the game.

However, playing the backhand card doesn't mean going for winners every time. Patience is key. Rally with consistency, and wait for the right opportunity to strike. Your opponent's backhand weaknesses will eventually surface.

6. Make 'Em Move, Set Up Your Play

A well-executed singles strategy isn't just about hitting the ball—it's about orchestrating every shot to work in harmony and set up your path to victory.

Watch how your opponent reacts to your shots. Do they tend to go left? Right? Use this intel to guide your next moves.

Try sending a shot in the opposite direction. This gets your opponent off-balance, and you're ready to take the spotlight! 

Oh and, every time they dash from corner to corner or stretch for a high ball, they're using up their energy. That's where your strategy comes into play! Keep 'em running!

7. Eye Contact Matters

mark housepickleball

Maintaining eye contact sends a clear message – you're focused, you're confident, and you're ready to play.

Well, keeping eye contact can also make your opponent feel rather uneasy. They might feel like you're reading their every move, predicting their shots before they even hit them. 

By holding their gaze, you're subtly throwing them off their game plan. They might lose focus, second-guess their shots, or even hesitate for a fraction of a second. And in a fast-paced game like pickleball, that fraction of a second can make all the difference.

This is not your everyday sport – it's a hardcore mental game!

8. Hold Off On Tricky Drop Shots

Obviously, when you see an opportunity for a drop shot, your fingers itch to make that move. But hold on a second. 

Experienced players can quickly predict the game and move well. If your drop shot isn't perfect, they'll jump in and hit a shot that could be hard for you to counter.

Timing is the secret ingredient that turns a good drop shot into a winning move. Using it too early or too late can lead to disaster.

Instead of falling into the drop shot trap, consider other strategies. Deep serves or powerful groundstrokes to the corners can be your go-to moves against a deep-positioned opponent. 

9. Mix It Up

Sometimes, the key to victory is to make your opponent believe you're about to play one type of shot, only to surprise them with another. 

Not only does this tactic keep them on their toes and off balance, but it also gives you more time to think about your next move.

So, instead of your usual power serve, opt for a slice serve that curves over the net. Or mix up your next shot placement by sending the ball diagonally across the court. Maybe even surprise your opponent by rushing to the net unexpectedly after a deep shot!

10. Dance To Your Opponent's Steps

You're the dancer of the court. Stay light on your feet, ready to glide where the action is. It's like you're dancing to your opponent's moves, but they're the ones struggling to keep up.

As they move left, you move right; as they advance to the net, you hold your ground or prepare a lob. 

This rhythm of movement helps you control the pace of the game. And it's really fun for your friends to watch!

11. Reach For The Skies At Crucial Times

Reaching for the skies should be reserved for those crucial moments when your opponent's positioning leaves them vulnerable to a well-executed lob. 

Once you've identified the perfect opportunity, execute your well-practiced lob with finesse. It's really more about the timing and strategy, than it is about the shot itself. 

But, keep in mind that overusing this strategy can become predictable and allow your opponent to adjust their positioning accordingly.

Final Thoughts

In a dynamic sport such as pickleball, every swing, step, and decision can tip the scales in your favor. Let these expert tips be your guiding light to victory and a whole lot of fun on the court!

Remember to practice, adapt, and embrace these pickleball singles strategies. Your opponents won't know what hit them – but you will!


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