5 Best Pickleball Courts In Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

5 Best Pickleball Courts In Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Are you looking for the best pickleball courts in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina? Look no further! I compiled a list of the most impressive and well-maintained pickleball courts this wonderful city has to offer you.

Welcome to the sunny beach town of Myrtle Beach! With a thriving community and numerous pickleball courts, this city is the perfect destination for pickleball enthusiasts where they can find some of the best outdoor and indoor courts in this state. 

Whether you are a seasoned player or a novice in the sport, Myrtle Beach offers a variety of options for enjoying your pickleball games in both outdoor and indoor settings. 

These options range from stunning ocean-front facilities to state-of-the-art recreational centers, where I am sure you will find a place for your training in the perfect Myrtle Beach weather.

All this is the reason why this article is a perfect guide to your quest through the top pickleball courts in Myrtle Beach, ensuring that you have the best playing experience possible. 

So grab your paddles and get ready to explore the finest pickleball courts that this vibrant coastal city has to offer. Let’s start with the outdoor courts, shall we?

The Best Outdoor Pickleball Courts In Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach's outdoor pickleball courts offer players a chance to enjoy much-needed physical activities in the city's perfectly warm and sunny climate. 

With a variety of well-maintained courts, players can immerse themselves in the sports culture of the parks and recreational centers, meeting new people and leveling up their pickleball skills!

The mild winters and hot summers make it possible to play year-round. Overall, the combination of Myrtle Beach's outdoor courts and favorable weather conditions make it an excellent destination for outdoor pickleball enthusiasts.

But which courts to hit when you visit the city? Join me and check out the list below!

1. Midway Park

Midway Park is located in the central area of Myrtle Beach. The available amenities and sports include basketball and tennis, along with 10 dedicated pickleball courts that feature permanent lines and nets. 

These pickleball and other courts are open to the public and do not require any fees for usage. It is worth noting that reservations for the courts are not accepted.

Address: 19th Ave N, Myrtle Beach, SC, 29577, USA

Website: Wyndham Hills Pickleball Courts

Open Times: Monday - Sunday: 7 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.

Price: Free of charge

2. 78 Fitness at Kingston Resorts

78 Fitness at Kingston Resorts is located in Arcadian Shores in the northern area of Myrtle Beach. Get your wellness and elevate your vacation experience in the beautiful Kingston Resorts of Myrtle Beach. This modern facility offers a range of amenities and programs to prioritize your health and wellbeing.

Enjoy a variety of fitness classes suitable for all levels, from invigorating boxing sessions to calming tai chi. Shape and strengthen your body with top-notch equipment, and unwind in the sauna after a satisfying workout.

You can also take a dip in the indoor pool designed for laps and aqua classes, providing a refreshing and gentle exercise option. Escape the everyday hustle and bustle in this serene environment.

Take your paddle and head down to 4 dedicated pickleball courts with permanent nets and lines.

In their fitness gym, a knowledgeable staff is there to guide you on your wellness journey, ensuring you get the most out of your time at the facility.

All this feels like a perfect harmony of relaxation and fitness. You will leave feeling refreshed and reenergized, ready to embrace a healthier lifestyle because your health is their priority.

Address: 108 High Cir, Myrtle Beach, SC, 29572, USA

Contact Phone: (843) 497-2444

Website: 78 Fitness at Kingston Resorts

Open Times: Monday - Sunday: 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Price: A one-time fee is required

The Best Indoor Pickleball Courts In Myrtle Beach

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Myrtle Beach offers fantastic conditions for pickleball enthusiasts with its state-of-the-art indoor courts in many of its centers and clubs. 

Indoor pickleball courts offer several advantages over their outdoor counterparts. The controlled environment of indoor facilities eliminates external factors like wind and fluctuating weather conditions, which you don't want to have during your game. 

All these spots are catered to provide an optimal playing experience, these indoor pickleball facilities in Myrtle Beach boast ample space, and high-quality surfaces, ensuring players can fully enjoy the game regardless of weather conditions. 

Whether you're a seasoned player or a beginner looking to try pickleball for the first time, these indoor facilities cater to all skill levels with organized tournaments, leagues, and coaching opportunities. 

So come rain or shine, pickleball enthusiasts visiting Myrtle Beach can savor their favorite sport all year round. Let’s check out these courts together, shall we?

1. J Bryan Floyd Community Center

J Bryan Floyd Community Center is located in North Myrtle Beach County. J. Bryan Floyd Recreation Center & Central Park is a sprawling 20-acre park in Myrtle Beach that offers a multitude of outdoor activities for everyone to enjoy. 

From sports like soccer, baseball, and softball to recreational options like tennis, running, roller hockey, and basketball, this park has it all. 

Its expansive grounds are home to multiple fields, a roller hockey rink, tennis and basketball courts, a concession stand, a paved trail, picnic tables, and a recreation center complete with playgrounds. 

Additionally, visitors can find other features like handicap accessible playgrounds, batting cages, making it a haven for kids, families, and sports enthusiasts alike. 

When it comes to pickleball this community center has 10 courts that are divided into 6 indoor courts and 4 outdoor courts. Both indoor and outdoor courts have permanent lines and portable nets available and provided by the center. Surface of the courts is asphalt.

Address: 1030 Possum Trot Rd, North Myrtle Beach, SC, 29582, USA

Contact Phone: (843) 280-5594

Website: J Bryan Floyd Community Center

Open Times: Monday - Sunday: 8am to 5 p.m.

Price: A one-time fee is required

2. Pepper Geddings Recreation Center

Pepper Geddings Recreation Center is located by the Doug Shaw Memorial Stadium, in the central part of Myrtle Beach. An impressive array of fitness amenities awaits at the facility, ensuring a diverse range of exercise options for all visitors.

The Aquatic Center features a well-appointed 25-Yard Swimming Pool with six lanes, as well as a separate Shallow Pool area. The Cardio Room houses a wide selection of equipment, including Treadmills, Ellipticals, Bikes, Stair Climbers, and more. 

Exercise enthusiasts can partake in various classes and programs tailored to their fitness needs. For those seeking a different kind of workout, the Indoor Track provides a fantastic option. 

The Weight Room is equipped with both Free Weights and Machines, catering to all types of strength-training routines. 

Sports enthusiasts will appreciate the well-maintained gymnasiums, complete with eight Basketball Court Goals, and equipment for both Pickleball and Volleyball. 

Pickleball actually has indoor and outdoor courts, 8 of them actually. Both indoor and outdoor courts have permanent lines and portable nets available and provided by the facility.

Whether you prefer swimming laps, sweating it out on the cardio machines, building strength, or participating in team sports, this facility has you covered.

Address: 3205 N Oak St, Myrtle Beach, SC, 29577, USA

Contact Phone: (843) 918-2280

Website: Pepper Geddings Recreation Center

Open Times: Monday - Sunday: 6 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.

Price: A one-time fee is required

3. Surfside United Methodist Church

Surfside United Methodist Church is located in Surfside County, in the downtown area of Myrtle Beach. 

Here you can play on 3 courts with permanent lines and portable nets available. The court are free but you can’t reserve the courts. There are no special amenities but there is an open play session on Tuesday and Thursday.

Address: 800 13th Ave N, Surfside Beach, SC, 29575, USA

Contact Phone: (603) 548-8080

Website: Surfside United Methodist Church

Open Times: Contact for more info about open hours

Price: Free of charge


In conclusion, Myrtle Beach offers a wide range of opportunities for pickleball enthusiasts, both indoors and outdoors. With its pleasant climate and a variety of well-maintained facilities, this coastal city is a haven for pickleball players of all skill levels.

When it comes to indoor pickleball courts, the J. Bryan Floyd Recreation Center & Central Park is a top choice. 

Its state-of-the-art facility boasts four dedicated outdoor pickleball courts, ensuring ample space for thrilling matches. The center's commitment to providing quality equipment further enhances the playing experience for enthusiasts.

Not to be overlooked is the Midway Park, which offers outdoor pickleball courts in a charming community setting. 

Its well-maintained courts, combined with the convenience of nearby amenities, make it an ideal location for pickleball enthusiasts to gather and play to their heart's content.

Lastly, the Pepper Geddings Recreation Center stands out with its indoor and outdoor pickleball courts. With a welcoming atmosphere, well-maintained facilities, and a dedicated pickleball community, this center has become a popular choice for locals and visitors alike.

With an abundance of high-quality indoor and outdoor pickleball courts, Myrtle Beach has solidified its position as a premier destination in South Carolina for pickleball players. 

Whether you prefer the comfort and amenities of indoor play or the scenic beauty of outdoor courts, this vibrant coastal city has something to offer everyone seeking an exhilarating pickleball experience. I’m already buying plane tickets, wanna come with me?


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