5 Best Pickleball Courts In Long Island, New York

5 Best Pickleball Courts In Long Island, New York

Are you looking for the best pickleball courts in Long Island (New York) to get your game on? Worry not, because I compiled a list of the best courts Long Island has to offer!

Even though Manhattan and Brooklyn have more famous sports culture, Long Island has plenty of cards in its sleeve. 

Long Island has a storied past of being a host for a multitude of sporting events, ranging from professional golf championships to inaugural races, Olympic qualifications, and NCAA tournaments. 

This region offers an extensive selection of cutting-edge sports facilities, both indoors and outdoors. 

Additionally, Long Island takes pride in having its own set of professional sports teams, such as the Long Island Ducks from the Independent Atlantic League, who play baseball at Fairfield Properties Ballpark. 

Furthermore, the recently refurbished Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum serves as the home venue for the New York Islanders, an NHL team, as well as the Long Island Nets, a team in the NBA D-league.

But there is a new sport and competitor in town to take the attention of these teams and sports. That sport is pickleball! A new sports extravaganza that is taking our Nation by storm is infecting the whole of the USA, states, cities, and boroughs like Long Island.

Let’s see what kind of courts Long Island offers for us pickleball lovers!

Best Outdoor Pickleball Courts In Long Island

In Long Island, New York, pickleball enthusiasts have the opportunity to experience an abundance of outdoor courts to enjoy their favorite sport. With its thriving pickleball community, this neighborhood offers a range of top-notch outdoor pickleball courts.

Let’s see what they have in store for us!

1. Astoria Park

Carl Schurz Park Pickleball Courts is located in the Ditmars Steinway neighborhood, on the northern side of Long Island. Sitting on the edge of the East River and resting between the Triborough Bridge and Hell Gate Bridge, this 60-acre park offers many amenities.

Most famous for its magnificent swimming pool, which happens to be the oldest and biggest in the city, Astoria Park is more than that. There are even more amenities that you need to check out, such as:

  • Bocce courts,
  • Dog-friendly areas,
  • Eateries,
  • Fitness equipment,
  • Playgrounds,
  • Public restrooms,
  • Running tracks,
  • Skate parks,
  • Spray showers,
  • Tennis courts,
  • Wi-Fi hotspots.

What is most important for us are 4 pickleball courts with permanent lines overlaid over a couple of 14 tennis courts, but no permanent nets so make sure you bring your own to play.

Reservation of the courts cannot be arranged and you will have to pay a small one-time fee to play pickleball here.

Address: 24-19 19th St, Queens, NY 11102, USA

Contact Phone: (718) 626-8136

Website: Astoria Park

Open Times: Monday - Sunday: 6 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Price: A one-time fee is required

2. Parking Lot near McCarren Park

Parking Lot near McCarren Park is located in central Long Island. If you are looking for an atypical pickleball experience then this is a spot for you. Yes, the parking lot by McCarren Park is a pickleball spot that is in the gray zone of law.

What is the deal with this park? Well, the pickleball community is squatting in this parking lot for their game time. There are permanent lines drawn on the asphalt surface of the parking lot transforming this parking lot into 16 pickleball courts. 

That is why there are no nets available so make sure you bring your own when you decide to come experience this. So why would you even come to this park since it has no amenities and the courts are located on the parking spots?

The reason for all this and why you should come is to meet Long Island's massive pickleball community that often gathers here and plays pickleball for free! Despite its lack of amenities a lot of people come here for meet-ups and casual hang out with like-minded players.

So why shouldn’t you too?!

Address: 158 N 12th St, Brooklyn, NY 11249

Open Times: Open 24/7

Price: Free of charge

3. Ravenswood Playground

pickleball doubles

Ravenswood Playground is located in the Astoria neighborhood, in the central part of Long Island. This is another community neighborhood spot with few public amenities for you to enjoy such as 6 handball courts, kids' playground, and open fitness equipment.

Besides that, there are 4 pickleball courts with permanent lines but without nets so do not forget to bring yours. The courts and all other amenities are free.

Address: 34th Avenue & 21st St, Astoria, Queens, NY 11106, United States

Contact Phone: (212) 639-9675

Website: Ravenswood Playground

Open Times: Monday - Sunday: 6 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Price: Free of charge

4. Frank Principe Park

Frank Principe Park is located by the Calvary Cemetery, in the eastern part of Long Island. Here you can enjoy your day doing these activities:

  • 5 Baseball Fields,
  • Bocce Courts,
  • Fitness Equipment
  • 2 Handball Courts,
  • Playgrounds,
  • Spray Showers,
  • 2 Tennis Courts.

Also you can play pickleball on 6 courts with permanent lines overlaid over handball courts but without nets so make sure you bring your own nets. 

Address: Maurice Ave, Maspeth, NY, 11378, USA

Contact Phone: (212) 639-9675

Website: Frank Principe Park

Open Times: Monday - Sunday: 6 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Price: Free of charge

Best Indoor Pickleball Courts In Long Island

Indoor pickleball courts have gained significant popularity in Long Island, New York, catering to a growing community of enthusiasts. These specialized facilities provide versatile and climate-controlled courts that allow players to enjoy the sport year-round. 

The indoor spaces also offer amenities such as equipment rentals, coaching services, and designated viewing areas. Serving as a hub for pickleball enthusiasts, these indoor courts in Long Island provide an engaging and inclusive environment for everyone.

Let’s check them out!

1. Lost Battalion Hall Recreation Center

Lost Battalion Hall Recreation Center is located in the Middle Village neighborhood, in the eastern part of Long Island. 

Lost Battalion Hall Recreation Center in New York provides a spacious gymnasium, a fully equipped fitness center, group fitness classes, and an indoor pool for visitors to enjoy.

Of course our interest is in pickleball courts. Well, there are 4 pickleball courts with permanent lines overlaid over the gymnasium court and portable nets available and provided by the facility. Membership is required to use amenities to play.

Address: 63-37 75th Pl, Queens, NY 11379, USA

Contact Phone: (619) 549-3635

Website: Lost Battalion Hall Recreation Center

Open Times: Monday - Sunday: 6 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Price: A membership is required


In conclusion, pickleball has rapidly gained popularity on Long Island, and in the whole of  New York for a matter of fact. 

The sport's accessibility and overall fun factor have attracted players of all ages and backgrounds, leading to the establishment of numerous pickleball courts and vibrant communities.

Long Island boasts an amazing selection of pickleball courts, catering to the growing demand of players. All these courts are well-maintained and provide a great space for enjoyable gameplay. 

The presence of dedicated pickleball facilities not only encourages new players to come and try themselves out in this sport but also establishes a community among existing enthusiasts.

When it comes to the pickleball scene in New York, it is characterized by its diversity, attracting individuals from various walks of life. From young athletes to older adults seeking casual much-needed physical exercise, the sport appeals to a wide range of people. 

This inclusiveness has fostered an already-mentioned community of people who wouldn’t usually find something in common. As the sport continues to gain traction, it is anticipated that pickleball will become even more prevalent on Long Island and in New York. 

With this future growth, more courts will likely be constructed, providing increased opportunities for players to come and engage in the game. 

The fast-paced and energized nature of pickleball and the friendly atmosphere it cultivates ensure its sustainability as a recreational activity, and more importantly, as a serious sport.

In summary, pickleball has found a welcoming home on Long Island, contributing to the thriving pickleball scene in New York. The abundance of courts and active communities is a sign of the sport's popularity and its ability to bring people together. 

Whether you are a seasoned player or a beginner, the pickleball courts and communities in Long Island and New York will always await you to come and get your game on!


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